Take Two Storytelling Podcast Ep. 4 Richard Cardillo

Richard Cardillo is a 25 year resident of the Lower East Side and has been an educator for over three decades on two continents and in three languages. He's instructed on all levels from preschool to graduate programs, considering himself still more of a learner than a teacher....but always a storyteller! Rich is a five-time Moth StorySLAM winner. He’s performed at Surprise! Stories Storytelling Game Show, Friday Night Stories, (mostly) True Things, Take Two Storytelling, Pros(e) Of Pie, Story Collider, Taboo Tales, RISK!, and Big Irv’s Brand New Storytelling Show. He was recently featured on The Best of RISK! # 12 podcast.  Rich is a passionate bread baker and, yes, has gone to that quirky (scary?) place of naming his 16-year-old sourdough starter. He tries to bake up a new story with every loaf that emerges from his tiny apartment oven.